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2017/10/24 Precision about the origin of heavy elements through the r-process in the kilonova.
2015/12/28 Correction of an erroneous formula for the Hawking temperature.
2014/03/18 Indirect confirmation of the hypothesis of inflation.
2014/02/01 An introduction to the ΛCDM model for the formation of the galaxies.
2013/12/20 An introduction to the hypergiant stars.
2013/12/10 A new picture of a lenticular galaxy.
2013/10/10 Some precisions about lenticular galaxies.
2013/03/28 Introduction of the data of the Planck satellite.
2012/04/18 Some text rewriting.
2011/07/29 A bit of cosmetics.
2011/02/22 New advances in the measure of the distance of galaxies.
2010/02/15 A new paragraph about strange stars.
2010/01/28 I've changed the navigational interface. Hope you like it !
2010/01/05 Some precisions about the end of life of stars.
2009/04/13 Supermassive black holes and spiral galaxies.
2008/03/19 A complement about the formation of neutron stars.
2008/03/10 Some more precisions about the limit and formation of neutron stars.
2007/01/08 I've added a paragraph about the mass of the stars.
2006/07/16 Some corrections about stellar wind and white dwarfs.
2005/11/18 I've added a new page about the birth of galaxies.
2005/11/01 I've rewritten and completed the chapter about galaxies.
2005/11/01 Update of some links.
2005/03/31 An update about the standard model, especially the value of the forces according to the distance.
2005/01/04 An interesting link on the page about relativity
2004/07/14 Contacts are now available through forms.
2004/04/19 An update of the page about relativity.
2004/01/11 I've added references at the botton of some pages, for those who want to know more about the subject.
2003/12/14 A new page about Gamma Ray Bursts.
2003/11/29 An update of some links.
2003/10/26 A short approach of cosmology.
2003/06/13 A precision about galaxies NGC3314. They are not colliding !
2003/05/26 Can't you guess??
2003/02/16 A new page about the black hole thermodynamics.
2003/02/12 A lot of updates in the existing pages, with mathematical formulae, for those who are interested...
2003/01/20 A new image of a lenticular galaxy.
2003/01/05 A new paragraph about barred spiral galaxies.
2002/09/12 Use of pop-up windows for the large images. 
2002/09/08 A new image of galaxy : the Hoag's object
2002/05/12 A new chapter about the evolution of galaxies
2002/05/07 Update of the redshift explanation in the lexicon.
2002/04/07 A new paragraph about magnetars
2002/03/23 Some updates about the supernovae
Use of style sheets (lighter pages)
2002/03/10 First translation