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If you too, you have written some web pages about astronomy, or if you know an interesting adress, do not hesitate and let me know it, I will add it to this list.

This page will fill up with time...

To learn the basis of astronomy and astrophysics

Astronomy notes from the Bakersfield university

Stars, galaxies and cosmology from the Tennessee university

The FAQ of sci.astro

Knowing everything about the VLT telescopes

Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope

An atlas of the universe, from the Solar system until its fringes, with data about the nearest stars.

An atlas of stellar spectra, for a detailled viewing of stellar classification.

GalacticSurf : a lot of adresses.

About galaxies

Clusters of galaxies

Evolution of galaxies (in french)

Galaxy Transformations, a website with little animation movies about the evolutions of galaxies.

Distance-luminosity relationship of Cepheids, an historical and theoretical approach.


For those who want to know more about black holes

A full page about neutron stars .

Another full page dedicated to magnetars, SGR and strong magnetic fields.

Travelling near neutron stars and black holes

Another journey to a black hole (with some theoretical physics)

Visiting a black hole (quite hard)

The page of Tony Smith about black holes, spacetime, particles ... (with equations)

The lectures of P. Townsend, from Cambridge university about black holes (very comprehensive, but very mathematical)

A FAQ about black holes.

Black holes and times warps. A book by Kip Thorne who also tells the history of astrophysics during the XXth century.

About cosmology

Pages of J-P. Luminet, one of the rare physicists who deals with topology and universe (in french, but you can find other pages in english).

Web pages of satellites COBE and WMAP, which measure the cosmological microwave background.

Detailed results of BOOMERANG balloon.

The Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial.

About physics

The FAQ of John Baez, about some topics of relativity and black holes.

A bit of poetry
     Some sites which are all but scientific, which give us a bit of poetry inspired by the universe.

The Big Bang Art : an inner big bang with images, often animated, inspired by the true pictures of galaxies and the universe.

Kagaya Studio : wonderful paintings, based on the space. Unfortunately, the text is only available in japanese or korean, but images have no language.

Planet X Cafe : not really for astronomy, but with such a name, why not to go and have a drink or more at this wonderful place ?

About amateur astronomy

The Binocular Site : amateur astronomy with binoculars.

An online guide for first-time telescope buyers explaining telescope basics and detailing accessories, useful software and more.


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