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These pages are directed to all the people who, out of curiosity, want to know a little bit more about the mysterious skies which are spread out over our heads, and about their contents.

You don't need to have qualifications in mathematics or nuclear physics to appreciate the outstanding beauty of our universe.

After the first chapter which deals with the life of the stars, the second one will makes you discover the life of galaxies.

Come back again, from time to time, I update the site regularly, and other chapters are at the planning stage.
I invite you to come in to discover : 

-The boisterous life of stars

-The slow evolution of galaxies

-An everlasting evolving universe

-The lexicon

-Other pages to visit


I want to gratefully thank Richard Powell, who helped me in translating these pages into English.
You can go and have a look on its personnal site : an atlas of the universe.


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The nicest thing is the mystery of the Universe ...
birthplace of art and science.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)



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