An everlasting evolving universe

How is born our universe and where does it go ? Cosmology tries to answer to this simple question.

Since the beginning of mankind, men have always tried to know what could exist beyond the Earth, and how did the stars live in the sky.
But the first scientific ideas about it appear only at the sixth century B.C., when the Greek philosophers try to reject the ready made ideas of the priests.

The next evolutions will appear during the Renaissance, with Copernicus and Kepler ; then Newton comes with his theory of gravity.

Things remain the same until the beginning of the XXth century and the introduction by Einstein of the relativity.
From this theory, the always up-to-date cosmological models are build up, supported by the Big Bang theory.
We are mainly trying to discover this theory now.



Those who went in pursuit of knowledge
Soared up so high, stretched the edge
Were still encaged by the same dark hedge
Brought us some tales ere life to death pledge.

Omar Khayym (XIe-XIIe sicle)